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Completed Stories:

Love and Other Catastrophes
When a traumatic event threatens Joey's relationship with Pacey, she finds sanctuary in the unlikeliest of places.
Just Between Friends
Pacey is forced to deal with certain issues he has kept hidden... and in a moment of crisis there is only one person he can turn to.
Some Kind of Wonderful
P/J: SKofW
In this sequel to "Just Between Friends", Pacey and Joey spend their last summer together before going away to college.
Nothing But the Truth
P/J: NBtheT
They haven't seen each other in a while, but Joey has a favor to ask Pacey. Will the results be Picture Perfect?
Crimes and Misdemeanors
P/J/D/J: C&M
A tale of love, betrayal, forgiveness and friendship as the lives of Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Andie, Jack and Jen are changed forever.

Current &
Coming Soon:

A Life Less Ordinary
Post 'Breaking Away': how things might have worked out differently for the Capeside teens after Joey visits her father again.
Immediate Family
Two friends are reunited in Capeside, one running away from the truth, the other still looking for it.
A Simple Twist of Fate
P/J: aSTofF
It's Joey's wedding day, and she has to make a decision that will affect not only her life, but Pacey and Dawson's as well.
Absence of Malice
P/J: AofM
J. Potter and P. Witter, Attorneys-at-Law, are about to take on their biggest case... when saving one woman's life may lead to discovering their own.
The Captive Heart

You've been asking for a sequel to Nothing But the Truth... would you settle for a prequel? Joey and Paceys lives change forever when they leave for college in Boston. 
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